Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Golden Years

I started off my evening by playing some chess with Ivar after a fairly long hiatus (meaning we haven't played in a week or two). After this, I went out to the Buffalo reading with Mike and I hung out for a while, took some photos (I'll probably post some later. I need to get into a habit of putting up more of the photographs I take.) and read a little. I met some interesting folks, and Mike and I talked of using the unemployedartists.com domain finally. After this, I went to my friend Ted's birthday party, which he had at the F.O.E. (Federation of Eagles). I made some more connections for music there (!) and then acquired a fabulous manager for my photography. And a wonderful evening hanging out with her. I sang Luck Be a Lady for karaoke, and I messed up a little bit but it was an okay performance.

At Ted's birthday party I drank three O'Doul's!
My first, second and third O'Doul's ever.

I think I had a mild psychosomatic buzz going on. That or something else. I guess three O'Doul's is <1.5% alcohol by content of one beer...so, maybe I actually drank the equivalent of less than half a pabst over 3+ hours? Awesome.

I think I'll try to stay away from those from now on, to maintain the purity of the decision I've made, although I can't deny that the taste was, even though not particularly good, a nice addition to the evening. Now I understand why so many ex-drinkers still drink those things, but I'm still going to miss the good ones. Who knows when, if ever I'll start drinking again, but until then I'm really going to miss a good beer.

I'm really impressed with how much my contact making and productivity has gone up just in the one week I've been sober. If this is what alcohol has been keeping me from I'm very disappointed in myself. Well, here we go making up for lost time.

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