Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

hrm, i have gotten a few more done since 2, but i fear i will not be able to get all of them done...especilly if this website keeps having problems... : ( i need it to get at art prints and it keeps stalling. i don't even have half the number of sketches i am supposed to either...but, i did notice that they are bigger and more quality in general compared to some of the sketches i saw some other people had, so i think it will be alright...i have spent more time on these than i think was needed. we'll see...i will probably get to about 35 sketches by the time of my conference with the prof...maybe a few more hrm...i am 5/12 from where i started and i have 12 done in that time...so, i guess i will have done appx. 16 or 17 done in the next 7 hrs...we'll see...as long as i don't decide my bed looks like a good place to do sketches and to try to use the book liz gave me i won't fall asleep. heh, this and then my hum paper..than i'm done, that will be so nice :) and hey, tomorrow my camera should arrive...i will have to call later today to make sure the shipment came in to them so i will be able to rearrange things if it won't get here by the time i leave, either that or make sure i will still be able to have it shipped to greywood : / it had BETTER get here tomorrow though...Nikon has messed this up long enough...hopefully producing the boxes wasn't messed up and they will shp the cams and they will arrive.

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