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Ryan Dunn

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Why Bumbershoot, Why?

Every year, there are a number of bands I want to see.

Every year they all play at the same time. Fuck fuck fuck.

This year Photek, Critters Buggin, Built to Spill and the PIXIES, all overlap at the same time on monday night.

Sunday the Walkmen (alright), Beta Band and Public Enemy overlap. Man...of all the worthwhile bands, most of them play at the exact same time, because obviously a late night show is better, right?

Man, and I really would like to see Photek and the Pixies, and I'd also like to see Beta Band and Public Enemy. God damnit.

Old vs. new? I imagine old will win out, due to the likelihood of future opportunities.

I also hear Nurse with Wound is going to play a couple shows in California in the fall...that will be something to see if possible.

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