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slight misconduct

Last night Becca was telling me about a case she was working on, and how they found a part time volunteer job for this developmentally disabled girl working with the elderly at a care center. The job description was such that I deemed it epsilon work, but noted it was good since everyone needs something to do I guess, and upon reacquainting her with the source of the reference, I went on to jest by calling her 'my little Beta' (Since a facet of her job is a fair amount of paperwork and such). She asked if that was bad, and I said...no not really, but then explained what it implied. Of course this didn't go over well...but I always appreciate being able to make these sorts of jokes. I just wish it wouldn't cause the unneeded distress it does. I wish people wouldn't be so sensitive. It was soon repaired, anyhow.


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