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Yet again

I come to thee with tidings of my actual life.

Last night I went to Portland's Last Thursday and played noise on the street. I began with the feedback music (one of the beauties of my equipment is the karaoke box, which has the ability to run on batteries) and Chris, Matt and Mike's friend from San Diego who just moved up here, played my sampling keyboard. Just after we began we were confronted by a street vendor from across the street who took offense to this. Eh. So we took a break, walked the strip to see what was to be seen and then came back, to play more. He did not bother us again.

After a couple hours of off and on playing, with and without Chris on the keyboard, and many strange looks and interested glances, I pulled out the contact mic and we contact miced the gas meter we were set up by, and Chris drummed while I manipulated the sounds from the gas meter with the loop pedal- pitch changes, etc.

This was a huge success, and we attracted almost everyone who walked by to watch for a bit. We were unfortunately also noticed by Contajus, who wanted to read a poem. heh, well, I humored her, and then Chris and I each read one.

Chris kept hitting and hitting that thing- bruised hands are the least of what I expect when I next see him, but it was worth it. Many good vibes, a flyer from some electronic noise musicians, and about $2.44 in, we called it quits with good intentions to start having a poetry/music event every last thursday...street stage, we say yes.

Welcome to the Gas Meter.

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