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I'm not sure what to say about the past week or so

It's been fairly odd.

monday i don't remember the day time, but i went to meet chris and then went to maureen's where her and james and i watched the end of May, a film about a doll maker serial killer. James left and Maureen and I watched a Woody Allen movie about a swing guitarist staring sean penn. i can't remember the name. then we went to get chicken at popeye's sometime fairly late. i left late after we looked at old pictures she had on hand and that i had online.

tuesday i tried to help james with mike's graduation dvd, which failed, and then i went to hang out with david, and got to see alec and the other housemates. i departed for a bit and hung out at my apartment playing guitar/bass and looking at art online until david got there. it was an extremely strange night, and things went haywire late on.

this blew me for the next day, and i had trouble getting anything done. late on, i went and drank with maureen, james and mike rosen for maureen's birthday. i was still a bit irked from the previous night, but i managed to loosen up after a while, kind of.

today i went up woodstock to eat at otto's, then i went to the record shop up the street because there was a coupon at otto's for there so i figured i'd give it a shot. i found the new david byrne, which i like a fair bit, but i haven't listened to enough to really give a good review of. i do like that there's a song called The Man Who Loved Beer...i mean, really now, even if he does get a bit mocktastic. after that i went to drop by colleen's and i hung out for a little while there before coming home.

now i'm just hanging out at my apartment and playing paper. you can ask if you want, i don't feel like explaining to no one.

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