Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

ahh, finished the fixes on my painting for art...now i just have to do those greek quizzes, the 20 b/w sketches of paintings and 20 color studies for art, and my hum paper...oh, and read augutine for my hum final...i'm not worried about my finals for the most part...just this work. : / was fun going to the art building to finish, lee accompanied me to get me to do my work instead of slack and we talked and i made her use my paints and got her all set up to paint while i worked on my painting...she was painting on this little edge of a piece of paper with someone elses leftover paints and so i made her actually use a brush and such...silly lee. : ) heh...ah, but i think i'm gonna do some greek and then try to go to bed...since i have t get up and do more greek, study for my greek final and then go get it and start taking it before 2:30...[it's take home for me since i have a conflict, so i have to do it on my own time...i love the honor principle...trusting people just makes it all so much easier : ) ]...hrm, ok so later.
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