Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Instructions for Babies

In sitting on down there is no wait, there is no fashion, only the meeting of ride and relax. Note the keen way your flesh hugs the ground, revel in the monument of your bones, the light array of the things surrounding your moment. It is never too late to begin, and never the right moment to stand, keep walking and know the next place you find you will sit, and stop falling, just stick on for the time being.

Stand is another floor higher, you'll know by the gravity of the impending motion you cannot avoid. Rock back and forth, feel tension waiting to dislodge you, saddle the rancor and learn to know when to lean and when to sway. You can do it on your own, try it out for a bit and then master the fear of falling- remember all there is to descend to is a seat. From here you can see further over the ground. The sights are there to be seen and you may take advantage of them. There is no harm in looking.

From the height you have so many options, but let us begin with the walk. Stumble forward with a first step, put your foot in front of you to betray your body's attempt to fall. Shift yourself forward, keep the center in mind, do not lean or sway, when walking these are advanced maneuvers. It is easiest to walk when one just keeps going. Stopping causes imbalance, knocks you for a loop, makes your eyes and ears shift their frames and everything will look different. Speed makes everything relative.

From here it is up to you, learn the skip and the jump, the sashay and dance. Wave your arms in the air to see your balance for itself, cradle the world in your arms, the motion has set you free. Running is advanced walking. Beware the oncoming objects, put your arms in front of you if you have the fear, your arms and hands are there to stop the pain, they will hold you back from the ground. Sitting is harder in motion, so no reliance is best.

Take motion and run, now remember the first lesson, and don't forget to sit sometimes, and examine all you now have with the stretch of a leg and the will to go.

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