Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

wow, i slept a lot today...not much to say, parents called...coming up with ways to explain my lack of sleep...heh, i uh was up late went and got food, talking to people *g*...something like that...heh...turning a bunch of cds into mp3s...i have a great utility that lets me just drag the cd to my har drive and it looks on a server to find out what cd it is and then fills in all the info on the mp3s, so i don't have to do much work...it's great, and i can listen to the cds as it turns them to mp3s, great fun :) i'm gonna have to get more dcs from some other dormies...right now i'm mp3zing a bunch of rem i don't have...:) well, time to get back to studying for the next greek quiz.
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