Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

the past few days (tokyo will stilll be coming, i'm just resisting for some reason)

starting with wednesday- i went to the seattle slam at the new venue (i hadn't even been aware until i checked) which was quite nice, and better lit than the sit n' spin. also, it had art installations which were a nice touch to have in the slam venue.

i read Grade School Arithmetic, and had a very good response. Jack McCracken (sp?) and another slammer nomed Keith both complimented me on the piece, and then DeNice questioned why I hadn't slammed. I count a good night on Jack's compliment, as I very much enjoyed his pieces. I thought he should have won, but of course this is the way of things.
The kid who was eliminated with Jack wrote an asinine piece about cultural awareness in which he talked about mexican food. I wasn't all that annoyed (despite thinking it was contrived and obviously forced) until he said something about Rastas in the context of mexican food...am I out of line for thinking this is a huge mark against him and the poem? Am I the one who's culturally illiterate?

Thursday I went go cart racing with my dad and sister. My dad and I played some pool while waiting for my sister and I ran into a grade school friend at the bar- Alan Feder. Thursday night I had a night in. I slept a good ten hours, which I probably needed.

Friday afternoon I went to visit O'Dea, but they were having a teacher inservice, so no one was around. Instead, I called up Evan and he and Meena were headed into The Everlasting Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I had wonted to see it, so I joined them. It was a clever movie. I enjoyed much of the trickery and crafting which went into the creation of memory spaces being erased. The erasing sequences made up a brilliant landscape, which while as Morris pointed out fuels a chickflick like plot, still creates an amazing visual play on the types of things we can recall, and which things stay longer and shorter as memory fades. I'd say more but I'd like not to give away the story line.
Afterwards we went to Thai Tom on the Ave which had excellent Thai food, before going to the grocery store to get materials for dinner. Meena, being an excellent housewife ; ) cooked lasagna for us and the other guys who came over to play strategy board games (Settlers of Catalan and Diplomacy). After we had come to a stopping point in Diplomacy (a number of players had reached a danger point importing their demise), I made my way to the club under Temple Billiards to meet the other folks I had planned on seeing that night. I will make a private post about the details of the night. On public notice, I saw Hanna from Scribes for the first time since the workshop (I think) because she works with Adam at Speakeasy. It took us a moment to realize why we knew each other, but it wasn't long before I figured it out. It took name exchanging to do so, and then it all fell into place. Very strange, very strange.
I slept at Adam's until 1:20 or so this morning and then came home and slept again until about 7:20. I think I'm planning on leaving Seattle today, it's getting to be time. Maybe I'll stop in at Finn MacCool's before I do. Anything else I need to do before I go?

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