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TOKYO! !$#%$"$%"&"%&#$&$#

Well, I`m here, at an internet cafe, so I probably shouldn`t spend too long updating, but no worries, there will be a detailed post when I get back.

So far we`ve made some friends by introducing ourselves to some friendly fellows who were drinking beer on the sidewalk (which apparently is okay here) and we hung out and drank with them for a few hours before they went home. They showed us a place to sleep (in the dumpster yard behind the store they work at) which was great. There doesn`t seem to be any problem with sleeping on the street here. The garbage men showed up around 2:37 and didn`t care that we were in there. Before bedding down we ran around Shinjuko and Chris pretended to be tripping so we could play games with the men (many of them from Africa) who were trying to solicit customers for the strip clubs. I have a great recording of one such conversation. Perhaps more, I forget. We also skipped out on a place (a small joint and before we barely touched our drinks) when they told us we owed 3000¥ for the seats alone.

Today we spent a good long while searching for a place called Offspace, which Chris had been told was a center for Japanese minimalism, and had hell trying to find it because we discovered, with local help, that it seems to be this guy`s home. Now we`re in Shibuya, which is okay, but I`m not sure I`m going to find the best places here without some guidance. On that note, we`re supposed to go bar hopping with Mongo, Taki and Dai tonight, along with Taki`s wife, whom we`ve not yet met. Perhaps there will be others- we`ll see.

Notes to self for later description:

18, the first openly friendly contact. He couldn`t guess that we were Americans.
Old man who took us into the bar late last night, and the cat he tried to scare away.
David from the plane, on his way back to Iraq. "I blow stuff up."
Playing my CD at Spacecake.
Searching for the elusive Offspace sunday night.
And of course, the ordeal of first arrival.

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