Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

hrm, so i basically covered my post in a response...silly me...so i'm just going to post what i wrote to respond to kim :) as well as the coming info i had fun, went to minnies with danny and saw nathaniel there...he's a crazy guy, in a god way :) i'm really happy i got to hang out with danny, we just click so well, it's great...faith seems neat, i didn't really get much of a chance to talk to her...but i'm sure i'll have that kind of opportunity later...hope evan feels better, and i'm glad kim found my pen, it was so scared because i almost forgot about it!!! Athazagoraphobia gets like that...he's a bit nervous about some things like that. hrm, anything ese...yah, it was funny being at kim's house, susan being drunk, or maybe not as much as she was pointed out to be, at least once i got there, still was intoxicated enough to run up to me when i walked up and jump on me and wrap her legs around my waist and hang there while we said hello for the longest time then she kissed me little sweet like...it was cute : ) then she went and got kim and kim freaked out and looked all sheepish that i showed up...it was funny...but we ended up going over to jeff's place, me and kim and jeff. then we called evan and jeff tried to get him to come over without telling him i was there, but he pulled it out of him...and evan wasn't really feeling well but faith seemed to pull them both over there as well as bringing mark...it was fun, they are great people and fun to hang out with : ) well i will have lots of time in a week and a half to do just that : ) hrm, anything else? ya, it was cool to talk to jon again, i haven't really talked to him in a Long time...but he's a cool guy...hmm, and good to see carley, yes, as usual :) ah well i will post my reply to kim now since i've probably blathered longer than it was now anyhow...*g*...well here it is:

ah, yes, i had fun while i was there, with the uh, "warm" greeting i received upon walking up to the house, and the lack of food once i finally went inside, and uh, oh wait, the lack of people i knew was fun too! :P jk...it was cool to get to come up and see everyone, and although i lost tons of time because i'm tired from lack of sleep now and still have a ton of work to do, i loved seeing you all, and i got to meet faith, and hang out with danny for the first time in FOREVER...damn...i talked to him at manson last summer for the first time in years and then finally now i'm seeing this guy again and got to hang out with him...yay fun :) and of course hanging out with you was somewhat amusing...hrm *g*...mmm-hmm...but uh, kim...i think coming up was a mistake, but at least i'm still a whole person, aren't i?...my group of frinds really isn't big enough for me to have an excuse to be able to come up like that...hrm[ok, that made no sense i guess...maybe y'all should ignore it *G*]...hehe...hmm, i don't think i'm crotchety any longer...nothing more will come from me. : )

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