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Immersed again

You are an enzyme. You are powerful, dark,
variable, and can change many things at your
whim...even when they're not supposed to be
changed. Bad you. You can be dangerous or
wonderful; it's your choice.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh me oh my-
Ivar and Rosemary have been crashing here. I've just been crashing my car...

I accidentally hit some guy's bumper last night when Ivar distracted me for a second. I was almost able to miss him but i scraped by on the right corner of his bumper. His bumper did its job and it was just a little bent in, so nothing will probably come of it, but my front left light is smashed and the frame is slightly bent. I think it can be bent back, but a new light will have to be purchased from the junkyard. It was kind of Arvid's fault too, as he decided that moment would be a good time to fall on the floor by my feet. Asshole.

Otherwise everything is alright. I think I will call Maureen tonight and see whether she wants to watch a Waters film. It's been a bit since I last saw her.

My website is in the process of redesign, and it will soon have all content uploaded and whatnot. There are a number of things that will be added, for example: videos. Four of them are already uploaded. Here's a clip of Simple (the ducks) for any of you who need a drack fix. ; ) Careful, it's 24.79Mb

Don't be too sneaky. The site isn't ready yet...all you'll find is the layout and more videos. It will be more exciting if you wait, little childrens.

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