Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

what a weekend

all sorts of madness were in abundance.

fri- purchased a digital recorder, tea with lex, alii's going away party-drink drink drink, breaking phone, being an ass, wrestling with andrew, falling off hot tub. waking in the morning, boxers only, in david's living room.

sat- lee's, dante's, allijadily for an hour, back to dante's, back to lee's, back to SE, craziness with Elina, sleep- 12:30pm sunday.

alternate sleep with debauchery and you have then a very exhausted ryan.


friday i can't remember what Alii and i did first, but we went to fred meyer where i made a purchase i had been thinking of and planning for a while. i needed a digital recorder of some sort, and i found one for $50 that records for three hours. by sunday afternoon i had almost filled it up. so far there are a number of interesting tracks, one of which comes from the video i found at the bins, 'The Principles of Pediatric Sedation'- "One question I know you and I are often asked is, 'Is there a predefined formula for sedating children?"

Soon after, I went to the Tao of Tea with Lex and we caught up for a while. I haven't seen her in quite some time. We caught up on all the details, talking so much at first that the waiter came over twice to see if we were ready to order before we finally stopped long enough to figure out what we wanted. She seems to be doing well and is applying to work for a professor of hers over the summer. She also went on about aerobics and fashion. The claim was made that she's such a feminist that she comes around full circle and ends up being a ridiculously girly girl. Hmm, if that's how she wants to put it. ; )

After that I went to David's house (sans David) where Alii was having her going away party. Many people were in attendance, whether at first or later, and I drank way too much. I had a great discussion with Eben about his diet. He really seems to be winning in a test of will, and learning what the effects of his eating habits are. I'm really proud of him, and he is as well.
I'm not sure I can put the whole evening together, although I know it included general ridiculousness, some great improvised drinking game action with Kate and Bergie, more of the same except with cards at the house across the street, where Tim and his gf showed up, bringing this girl I used to play indoor soccer with. Reminiscence ensued. A little later I wrestled Andrew on the front lawn of their place, and I failed at doing a headstand without assistance. Hah. Then Andrew, Kate, Bergie, Alii and I went in the hot tub, where I slipped off the side and then proceeded to black out probably shortly after getting back in. Fun...apparently I was downstairs as the rest of those folks started a movie and then bailed to go crash in the living room, still in my boxers.

The next morning I awoke, gathered my clothes and went to search for my phone across the street. Alison was just out of the shower and Bergie was still asleep on the couch. I went home to sleep.

Saturday I got a call from Rachel with a request to go to the bins. She came over and we hung out with Chris for a while, lighting off smoke bombs in the apartment and general amusement. We went to the bins eventually and were there for perhaps an hour or even more. I bought a bike and a few other trinkets. I haven't had a bike since my last one got stolen from under our stairs, but in general it's been too cold to ride (especially since I have a car) so I hadn't replaced it yet. I love the bins...ten dollars for a fully functional bicycle. It needs handlebar wraps, but this is still a small price to pay for such a thing. I think this is my third bins bike, all of which together cost perhaps $21. After this I went to the liquor store to buy something for Lee's party. Rachel showed back up at my apartment out of breath and conned me into driving her to her dance class...well, I could have said no, but I'm a sucker. Meanwhile Ivar called with interest in playing music, and although I never ended up going to that I now have his pager number so I'll give him a page sometime tomorrow(mon/today).

When I got back from dropping Rachel off, I got ready for Lee's. Alii came over, then Chris and Alii and I headed downtown. We ended up timing it fairly well, because while we were quite late, not many people had showed up yet. I proceeded to get drunk and have conversations with various folks, previously known to me and otherwise. After a while we all headed downstairs to go to Dante's. There was a drum (marching band style, not hippy style) and fire dancers over by the Schnitzer, so a bunch of folks took a detour. The drums were pretty good, I got a recording of them, but the fire dancers were only alright. The drums got me into a dancing mood, which came back in spurts all night. Chris and I dance/skipped for a significant portion of the walk to Dante's and circled in and about the rest of our traveling crew. I went to Dante's and hung out for a bit, then left and headed the 100 blocks to Jade, Emily and Allison's housewarming. There were a significant number of folks there, hipsterific and they even had a band and a belly dancer. I had a couple drinks, talked with Bill Bell, who anointed me one of the five geniuses he knows out of the eight in Portland, and talked up my radio show to some kid named Jamie. Unfortunately I failed to attend my show...heh. I left a little before 1 and headed back to Dante's to catch part of the suicide girl burlesque show. Tame, but amusing. When it ended we went down to the main floor and sat on the edge of the stage while we waited for Lee to settle the tab. In the interim I began to feel the dancing again and started dancing erratically with Chris. We were stopped, but then I continued to dance, just not with quite as much fervor. While doing this some girl challenged me, so we danced and danced. The Jane's Addiction song we were dancing to (I can't recall which) was really long, and by the end I was a bit pooped. The girl's friend was escorted out while we were dancing so she disappeared to go find him after it was over. We shook hands, and failed to declare any decision as to a victor.

Then Chris and I took my car back to Lee's and hung out for a bit. After half an hour, Chris took a cab home, while I stayed and talked to the folks who were remaining. We stayed up until the early morn, both a girl and guy who were roommates hit on me successively and then finally I was saved by folks' desires to head home. Elina got a ride back to SE with me, and upon arriving at her place we decided to further the morning with a healthy dose of irresponsible fun. We intoxicated ourselves further and walked down to campus for a romp in the canyon and a trip to the radio station. I have a fair amount of our conversation recorded. It was quite a nice time. : )
My car, since I spent most of today asleep, is still parked up in front of her house. I suppose I should go get it, but I think I'll wait until a decent hour- that or I'll wait to see if her offer to pick me up and take me back there will come through. That would be the nicest solution.

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