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weird. i love searching for random snippets of things to see if i can find traces of myself in strange places.

i just found a page on the seattle city council website that is hosting some poems I read at the beginning of one of their subdivision meetings approximately 5 years ago. I wasn't aware it was ever up there, much less even now. I wish they'd told me, I could have put it on my resume. Heh.

Also, I see that I was granted the honor far before silkwyrm (Megan)'s father was, who teaches creative writing for UW. Heh. I'm totally going to start calling Megan Queenie. ; )

Funny, especially considering my poetry five years ago. Oh well, I think I realized I was slightly brainwashed during my time at Reed, and that maybe I need to go back and reconsider some of the techniques and passions I had back in the day...I think I lost some of my gumption (if you can believe that).

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