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the mish, the mash

I've had it pretty good lately.

I need to get a copy of my driving record so I can apply to work at a cab company. I need to find out whether I need an Oregon Driver's License as well. Other than that, it looks as if I will be able to get a job driving a cab fairly easily. I think there's probably no way I can't get it, as I speak English and am personable, with a good driving record. Both times I've inquired I have gotten good responses. I have deduced that there are some less than PC reasons for that.

My friend James and I finally got some of our film work rough edited, so that project looks to be coming together a bit more than it had been. Soon we will be trying to work on poetry videos. Hopefully that will get going, for it seems like an excellent thing to do.

Last night I felt very appreciated. I began by hanging out with Maureen for a while, then Lee and David joined us at a bar downtown. We drank until near closing, went to Lee's, and drank more until Matt called for companionship at the Roxy. Maureen and I joined him and then we all went back to my place to watch Labyrinth.

We were up all night, and then once Hedwig finished Maureen went home on the bus around 10:30. I tried to catch her, since I realized I had to go downtown to get a passport application, but I was not so fortunate as to find her before a bus driver did.

To do in the next month (before I leave):

• Obtain passport.
• Create a confident CD of my music, burn many copies.
• Collect and finish select video projects, burn DVDs.
• Perhaps make books of art prints or create a print package of sorts.
• Would it be silly to take books of my poetry, being that I write in English (or at least that I use English words)?
• Find people who have friends in Tokyo so I'll have a backup plan or someone to contact if something fucked up happens or I desperately need a place to stay.
• Pack arvid.

Can anyone think of anything else I should do before I go or in preparation thereof?

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