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Run to Mike's, have a burger, they'll have milkshakes.

On the way, turn on the PA system, prop the speaker in the window, lock it in.

Hand over the sampling keyboard, loaded with some personal voice samples.

We will drive the city, causing contemplation, creating fascination, there will be only a slight chance of restraint. Some will stare, monkey eyed on their way to the future, others will find entertainment in the interpreted enjoyment. Some might look and think of the reactions of others. A wave of reaction spreads through the city with only so much as a few touched ears.

Tonight, noise all over. At least an hour, perhaps more, spent in the pursuit of change.

We saw Kip Berman on Belmont. I recorded 'rock and roll' into one of the samples and we turned around, but he had disappeared by then. There's no need to shriek when the pitch change of the keyboard will emulate just fine...

Downtown we stopped to call Lee, he could hear us across the park block in his apartment with his window closed. This is how loud it was. Three cheers for useful recycling. Down with obsolescence. Everything holds its own key to reincarnation, it is our job to find that new life. The fate of the world depends on not giving up.

I will strive and I will give new life.
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