Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

hrm, so i talked for a long time online tonight...probably too long, but i got talk to 4 people who are important to me very much tonight. and that was good. i got to talk to ari, and she has been really lonely being stuck at home, so i told her to call me any time...i hope she does, she is a good friend, and i miss talking to her...i also got to talk to mary-cate, who will be getting married in 2 months, and hopefully i will be able to see such event, since it will be while i am on my road trip, the only problem is that i would have to be out of there and possibly come back...but ni might just come by before the wedding and say hi, even though it will be hectic in those weeks before, because i think i want to be further along by the 23rd than LA... : / ah well, you have to make compromises i suppose...also, i got to hear from emily in utah, whom graduated from college today :) yay her :) then, lastly but not least, i talked to arhianon[rhee] for a while, and talked to her about her visit to portland in august. she is from jakarta, well from jersey, but lives and is graduating from school there...she works for reuters as a reporter and she was scared because she has to go to an area where there could be possible rioting, and it could be dangerous. i am not completely sure of the situation where she is going, but i am going to be watching out in the papers...so that was satisfying, and then i went downstairs and watched swingers in matt and hung's room...eh, a somewhat funny movie...although sort of dumb too...i wouldn't go out of my way to see it again. not sure i'd watch it again at all actually...unless i was feeling lonely..it was sort of a motivational movie for the lonely i guess...[shrug] hmm, anything else? uh helped ephraim finish up getting his vinyls transferred to cd and then burned the thing tonight...good to have that done...now i just need to burn julie's cd...hrm...not to mention the fact that i still haven't done any of the vinyls of my own that i wanted to do to cd. ah well...i need to transfer some of that jackson browne and joni mitchell...lawrence welk, passport and a bunch of others that i love and have a lot of vinyl from...it's just so time consuming : / ah well...should be worth it if i ever get around to it.

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