Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

hmm, today has been interesting...got a nice/funny e-mail back from jessica, after i requested she send me a friend of ours' email address, unfortunately it didn't work : / ...so i won't be able to visit him when i go on my road trip...then had some interesting talks on irc...avoided work for quite a few hours, went to Hawthorne with megan, rachel and drew...fun, i never get to hang out with those guys as much as i would like to...have gotten to spend more time with rachel over the past 2 days, that's been cool. got back, wasted a bunch more time, ah, went to sunny's birthday party that she told me about this morning, that was alright, i drove though so i had fun but didn't really drink...[shrug] had some fun anyhow :) getting sad that school is getting over, hearing about people leaving. brent is leaving in less than a week : / i'll miss him...especially if he doesn't come back to reed...but maybe i'll see him this summer, who knows...we're trying to work that out...also was thinking about how to take music with me...both so i can use my car speakers and so i can take enough for a month that i will be satisfied with my selection and not find myself desiring something erroneous...i'm thinking a combination of maybe a 36-48 cd case and a few cds full of mp3s that i could play on my family's laptop that i'm planning on bringing. i think i have a lot of the little kinks worked out. money shouldn't be a problem, i have enough saved for almost any emergency...and i have a bookmark of a chain of hostels i could get a membership or whatever for and then stay in those when i don't have another place...which will greatly cut costs...or heck, i could find a quiet place and sleep in my car at some points if i really needed to! anyhow, got distracted thikning about my camera and looking at other things...time to go to bed :) night!

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