Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

raising your own family as a child is hard(ening)

well, i finally managed to talk to jessica again after whenever that was so long ago when i found out she had gotten married. that was nice...it's always good to catch up with her, mainly because we were such good friends for such a long time. forget what happened back then when we were kids, at this point that's all story and not at all who either of us are, so whenever i blahdy blah about that, remember it's not even personal. i am rarely one to hold a grudge. it's way more likely i'll just stop paying overdue attention at this point. i feel like i've grown up a lot, but then, that's what this time is for, and i think i've done better than a lot of people manage to do. hell, i'd done better than my father just up into high school. i always love to quote him badly...i don't remember the precise words, but they aren't the important part. my dad has thanked me in the past for raising him, and i agree, i did. he's changed a lot since he accidentally got out of the business world. i'm still working on my mom, but that's a different problem. [smirk] i think i'm doing/have done pretty well with my sister. only time will tell.

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