Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

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last night was a little odd.

First, taking an hour to drive Hwy 26 to hang out with people I didn't know (phemehrys's friends) past the wreckage of what appeared to be a horrible roll-over. The recent acquisition of GTA Vice City by Chris took on some new meaning with a fresh visual reminder.
Erin's dog is cool, and I'm glad I got to see her again, it had been a while since we'd crossed paths. Her friends were cool and I exchanged phone numbers with her friend Josh, who was acceptably forward in asking for mine, which was good, since I'm rather more likely to meet people and have them disappear because I wouldn't be.
Upon return to SE, I ran into Robin at 39th and Holgate. I had bought beer to share with whomever I found to drink with, the kids at the Den looked to be asleep, so then on my way to Vicky/Matt/Ivar's, it ended up being someone I wasn't even expecting. She didn't see me/recognize me at first(or she had to decide whether to acknowledge my presence), but then as my light turned she saw me and turned to follow me into the Kupie Cone parking lot. I think I've treated her too poorly in the past, but I think this re-encounter is what was necessary to shock me into my senses. She's always treated me well, and I enjoy her company, I always have. So, I will call her soon. Also, I still want to ask her about the strange gender issue regarding the handbook. I forgot to ask her, even though it became fresh in my mind.

Then, I returned to my apartment to find vengeance in the air and a sketchy mission underway...what has become of things?

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