Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

If the night before last was beautiful

Last night/this morning was absurd.

After gathering Piera at the Abbey Pub around 1:30, we bought beer and went flitting around in the Columbia tunnels again. We found some nice bracelets on some valves, HPS 1-3. 1-myself, 2-Piera, 3-Chris, got chalk from the janitor's cart as we headed up through the math building, escaped, and went to do impromptu sidewalk art on Chris' street. Not quite tired yet, we went to Rite Aid and bought more chalk, and a bottle of bubbles.

So, bubbles led us into the subway (at this point it's the beginning of the work day, 7am or so...AH, Monday morning) and on to Times Square. Henceforth we did chalk writings, and seeing our future friend Officer Spano walk by and take no offense, we figured we had been given a tacit approval. So we proceeded to test the boundaries and attempt to do a chalk outline similar to one we had done by Chris' place, right in front of Good Morning America. I was impressed, Chris and Piera got almost all of me outlined before Officer Spano and compatriots (including a tenuously authorized ABC assailant -- "He works with security here." Uh huh.) pulled them away. It would have been nice, but we never got "AGORAPHOBIA" written within the outline which was reaching for the ABC open window studio. They quickly washed away the "fine line between chalk and graffiti" as we saw when returning to retrieve our stolen chalk.

Ah, how I love the smell of threatened arrest in the morning.

"If I hear you guys are involved in any other altercations in my territory, that's it. We'll put the cuffs on you and take you to jail for disorderly conduct." I wonder why no one has relabeled art "disorderly conduct" in our day and age.

So, essentially ordered to vacate "Spano's Territory" between 42nd and 45th, we parted with Piera who had to return home before work and decided to procure more bubbles and wander the area blowing bubbles. We walked from 50th street to 14th street, weaving in and out of broadway and adjacent streets blowing "Bubbles for Washington Mutual" to counteract the exuberant Wachonia(sp?) advertising people and just blowing bubbles into intersections and interesting air currents. Also, lightening people's monday morning. We went through 7.5 containers of bubbles before we finally got back on the subway and came back here around noon. It will be interesting to see if anything interesting comes of our massive bubble spree.

Afterwards, proceeding to sleep. I woke around 4 or 5, and again, Chris is still there. Hah.

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