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Tue, Jul. 15th, 2003, 12:24 pm
I blame Pat and Evan

"I will probably be in the McMenamin's moment
i'm sure how much I the Hipster are can almost
went back to picking up there tomorrow night
decided to Graduation and while I've been so far
before we have a girl. The injury. Now, I can call
make me up and I can call my thesis for a girl.
What fun! I resume; can call if you."

"Now, i have been glorious. Now a phone number
of my courageous battle with myself. Call but,
not yet: soon, soon. Those of my firm opinion
that, time to figure do. Hrmph: week was oh and
organizing done."

"If you still and headphones, there in the James
Turrell talk at I while I've no real job, and
sorting. B moving, Madness, D McMenamin's
joint there, again. This, means the closing
celebration at at the closing celebration at least
before leaving Fremont Rachel and the best
beer ever: operate on the basis that this is a
game plan for the James Turrell talk at I got
home from you who can use dial up and the
moment I'm sure not yet, soon: soon, soon,
listed on the tickets I don't think I almost went
back to buy plane tickets I will call, people
move, out a, game plan for it on the injury: late.
Looks like to the basis that much to do with
myself. Finally done."

Goddamnit Pat.