Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

an interesting proposition

So after I got home from David's the morning after the fourth, Chris and I, both after having been up all night, decided to buy plane tickets to NYC. 16th to 29th, Seattle to NY. Nearly two weeks. Maybe next summer I'll end up there for three weeks. Hah.

This should be fun. Chris lives in Manhattan, so we've a place to stay, and the cost was oh so right. This is the time to go, while I've no real job, and while I've no other real commitments in my living space. This is sounding like last summer somehow. Hey Meg, you should train it down again. : D I'll email though, since I'm not really sure how much I can count on you reading this. Oh joy, what fun! I'll be in Seattle for a few days at least before we leave to NY, so I'd like to see some of y'all up there in that time as well. I'm not sure why I say this every time I come up, since rarely does anyone seem to take me up on my spread interest. I'd probably just call people, but since I travel on the seat of my pants I operate on the basis that people have plans ahead of my schedule. Hrmph. Make me wrong.

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