Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

the past few days

have been glorious.

it's been good to be in seattle. Seen Pat, Abel, Adam, Brenna, Nick, Dana's party was awesome, and yes, great to see Rachel again.

At the moment I'm in the Quah, hopefully to get some cleaning and organizing done. Tomorrow is the James Turrell talk at 7:30 at UW. I'm fully excited.

Before leaving Fremont Rachel and I went to Dad Watson's, the McMenamin's joint there, which was excellent. A Terminator Stout in Seattle was necessary. Maybe I'll end up there again, or maybe I'll check out one of the other McMenamin's places in town before I go. Apparently they have two other Seattle locations- one on Queen Anne and one downtown. The best beer ever. Those of you who are uninitiated should see http://mcmenamins.com/pubs.html and make your way post haste.

I am probably going to be in town until Sunday morning, staying for the Fremont Street Fair (Parade?) and then heading back to Portland. Let the good times roll.

Oh yeah, by the way...on my way back to the eastside, crossing 520, I saw a guy with the liscence plate "L337" and I wanted to shoot. Oy.

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