Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

checking back

a somewhat unaccessible internet connection puts me way behind.

what has been happening?

A) Graduation,
B) Moving Madness,
C) Reorganizing from Entropic Madness,
D) Seattle,
E) Rachel's visit & performance,
F) An art showing opportunity,
G) An awaited chance for rest,
H) Insufficient but awesome job acquisition.

A- Oy. Leading up to graduation and before that, the mess that was post-hospitalization scrambling for diploma needs...it was fucking intense, but not over yet!

B- First I had to move out of my dorm. Holy crap. Then help other people move, driving of the car, waiting and unassuredness, lifting and sorting.

C- Buying furniture, cleaning, reorganizing, bins and running errands, non-stop moving.

D- Lots of fun. Lots. Nathaniel Se7en, Brenna's house (and Pat and Nick),Discovery Park, Beth's, 8th Ave for some sleep, Goodwill (more furniture, some pants and a shirt), Lunch with Kim, Jag/Ray's apt, Evan's place for a while, Dante's, Reg showed up first, others followed (Pat, Quentin, Cara, Nicole, etc), a little smashed, I went to pick up Rachel, no death, more beer and some whiskey, a bed instead of a driver's seat, waking, James Turrell show at the Henry Art Gallery (GO), return to portland and 97° with Rachel.

E- Lots of running around, seeing people I like, seeing people I'm not so fond of, Rachel around and in and amongst- wonderful to have for even the brief time, beautiful flamenco dancer dances wonderful flamenco dance, a late night of Buckaroo Banzai, the averted quick return, promise of accompaniment to the Beat Revival.

F- Prep work before prepping, prep work for putting up art at the Beat Revival: searching-printing-adhesives purchased, return to the apartment, arranging small pieces, Rachel will nap, I'll pick up Matt, we stop here a sec, Mike: a wreck, return to get Rachel, weigh and crash, visit Hannah and Ray, return to the Mad Hatter's Lounge, a show hopped up on absurdity, one of my pieces is still there- I was tired of removing tape from the back of things so assured I could leave it- it's still there...hopefully intact, the porch, a laser then sleep.

G- I took Rachel to the bus station, I began to stand still, there were no more reasons to rush, no people to see who would be separately located (besides the obvious one)...and so I've just been rockin' out to my own personal soundtrack- the casio sampling keyboard I bought at the bins rules my world.

H- I'm working as a personal assistant for this hippy painter woman who hung out with Janis Joplin and was in and around the beat scene in San Fran. She seems cool, and I think I'll enjoy the arrangement, it should prove worth the Pros and Cons for sure. I'll cough up more info when enough has stuck in my throat to tickle.

PS- Oh, and this

decklin 102%
brad 92%
dinonat 91%
yiyi 91%
mstegosaurus 91%
absolution 91%
nosurvivors 91%
velvet 87%
thewildrose 86%
analyzed 86%
carebearc 84%
nomi 83%
besserby 83%
mevsmevsme 76%
patrick 75%
i_am_karyn 72%
mz 70%
amapola 69%
yunicus 58%
souphead 47%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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