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Mon, May. 19th, 2003, 02:12 pm

I'd like to toast to my final jab in my courageous battle with Reed College. Three cheers for the long awaited slaughter. Reed College is Dead, Long Live Reed College.

I have graduated. Let the games commence.

Mon, May. 19th, 2003 04:19 pm (UTC)

this palpitating heart spits blood in honor of this joyous event!

Mon, May. 19th, 2003 05:01 pm (UTC)

congratulations, ryan!!
your thesis show was awesome, so awesome.

Wed, May. 21st, 2003 07:48 am (UTC)

congratu-fucking-lations, man! i'll be there in a few years myself... for now, it's enough knowing that for me it's over for at least a good three months. ;-)

Fri, May. 23rd, 2003 12:28 pm (UTC)

congradgy elations!