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lions and tigers and bears


so, i was sick basically all of friday and saturday, to the extent that i was almost completely in bed except for a few obligations i had to be awake for.

Now I'm feeling a lot better, still sick, and my last thesis draft (so there's time for one final edit) is supposed to be in tomorrow. I'm not sure it's going to happen, and I can't stay up all night to make it happen because if I make myself sicker there's no telling if I'll finish everything else I need to do. Crap.

So, instead of doing this work I'm going to see a play I promised I'd see and then going to see Vic Chesnutt with Rachel. I am really excited to see Vic Chesnutt, even if I didn't realize until yesterday that I hadn't listened to the newest album. But, I went and bought it and now have listened to all of the songs at least once...oh well.

Tonight will be a night. Hopefully one where I will buck up and go sleep instead of fearing Ethan's (my thesis advisor) wrath and attempting to finish my edits. Well, we'll see. It depends how long the concert is and how long I will estimate it will take to finish the edits. Dear lord, I'm hoping I'm not screwed.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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