Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


Signs tell me
more is to come.

I speak, and exude
tonal pitches on average
to the average con
versation on meters of a
coercive language bringing
radiance and absorbance
in full

You will not gather
evidence against
the notion that I am
fully with
It is said,
"He who travels from one path to another-
in no way marking his trail,
makes an impressively hard act to follow."
But I say,
"If you think you're buying a tracking device
make sure it's a one way receiver."
And neither is correct.

Such is the nature of my story-
you listen, while I
I, I, while you were away
I looked at the neighbors.
"You what!?"
I can see!!!
"This is wonderful!"
Isn't it?
And so, I sat by and looked at the neighbors,
you gave me time, and I
sat by and looked at the neighbors.
I did learn a lot.

Brother Matthias is a loving brother.
Every night he tucks my teddy bear in with me.
Mom always tucks me in so tight I can't fit my teddy
into my bed with me, but my brother always comes along
and stuffs teddy in with me. It gets tighter, but at least
I have teddy!
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