Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

wow, i'm still really tired...i woke up around 3, was up for a bit then went back to sleep sometime and slept til around 7:30...damn, and i still need to start my hum paper...due friday...well, two more days and one more night[tomorrow i have dinner with my hum conference at my prof's house] night then one more day, friday then it's due...ah well, i can do that...i've written 7-10 pages in less time than that. i just need to do well on this...ah well...i'm just glad school is almost over...then i can rest. and hopefuly i will have my camera by this weekend...although i really shouldn't play with it until finals are over...although i'm sure i won't be able to resist. : /
anyhow, can't wait to get back and see all of y'all...we should get together and do something when i get back, or at least the week i get back when i'm rested and settled in and i have solidified my plans for my road trip...i'm not going to let things drift like they did last summer and never get around to it. I NEED to do this, for my own sake, for my Self. later. sleep beckons i think.

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