Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

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The Game of Real Life

Reanne's birthday party was fun on friday night. I didn't drink all night- I was laying low. Apparently I need to be assessed.

We played the game of Real Life later after everyone left, and I was a middle class hooligan who got shot in a drive by, next life- aborted, then I was a poor hippy in my next life, up until Dorien blew us all up in nuclear war. Damn, but we all agreed we were kind of tired of life anyhow. I was healthy, happy, and poor, but I had a good marriage with no kids and great sex, but then it was all over.

Unfortunately, it was only a game.

I dunno...I wish this were an easier game. At this point I'm confused about my path, and i have options that conflict all over the place, but some are unclear in their reality.

My name is Vague.
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