Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Notwist tour

+++ Notwist-Newsletter +++

The Notwist will finally put out their latest album "Neon Golden" in the US.
It will be released by Domino USA on Tuesday, February 25th and will be
followed by a three weeks tour in April:

02. Apr Washington, DC Black Cat
03. Apr Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
04. Apr New York, NY Knitting Factory
05. Apr New York, NY Knitting Factory
06. Apr Boston, MA TT the Bears
07. Apr Montreal, PQ La Sala Rossa
08. Apr Toronto, ONT Lee's Palace
09. Apr Detroit, MI Magic Stick
10. Apr Chicago, IL Metro
11. Apr Grinell, IA Grinell College
12. Apr Minneapolis, MN Entry
15. Apr Seattle, WA Graceland, Chop Suey
16. Apr Portland, OR Blackbird
17. Apr San Francisco, CA Slims
18. Apr San Francisco, CA Slims
19. Apr Los Angeles, CA Knitting Factory
20. Apr Los Angeles, CA Knitting Factory

Viele Grüße von Notwist!
Best regards from Notwist!

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