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Wed, Jan. 15th, 2003, 09:54 am
And with me to Seattle


I've finally got a book of poems together...
It's called Heads.
Some of you will remember roadtrip and how well that book turned out, and while none of those poems are in this book, I'm sure I'll get around to printing that up someday. Right now this seemed more important. I've needed to have a book of poems gathered up for quite some time now. I've been living page by page and off the actual page for too long now. Well, I'll have books, at least some, and hopefully, I may see some of you at the Slam tonight? I promise you'd have fun. You can drink and hear some really cool poetry, and jeremyrichards is featuring, so you'd be guaranteed at least some of the poetry is really worth seeing other than mine. Plus, if I can get my throat out of my pants I might even try to remember something and slam without losing myself on stage.

Leave me a comment if you'd like to hang out whilst I'm in town or you can't come to the slam tonight...but I'm only going to be in town Very briefly, until I leave tomorrow evening. I will be sure to make plenty of gratuity copies of my book...

Wed, Jan. 15th, 2003 11:45 am (UTC)

Hi! I can't come out to the slam tonight b/c I'm entertaining out-of-towners. But! I *totally* want a copy of your newest chapbook. How can I make that happen?

Wed, Jan. 15th, 2003 12:44 pm (UTC)

hmm...i have to go make it happen still, so...
how about you email me your address and i'll send you one, since i can't say if it's all going to turn out perfectly yet and i don't want to try to make a run around in seattle to get you a copy if you're already preoccupied. however, it is ready so i can send it to you even if things don't go so smoothly at the dreaded -kink-oh!s.