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Wed, Jan. 15th, 2003, 08:11 am

i just realized i'm coming to seattle.
i have to pick up my friend ingrid and give her and whomever else a ride back to portland tomorrow, and i think i might as well come up for the seattle slam, so i will be coming up today...heck, maybe even right now? i got nothin' to do. it's all work as i'm concerned...never a days rest and all that.

i know you all think i'm joking(about the working).

also, i went outside and took some pictures this morning, and thought about hmm, i wonder how one goes about getting into photography for national geographic? that would probably be the most kick ass job i could think of, ever. ever. ever?

that makes that word look strange. maybe i've been seeing it spelled with an a for too long...evar? heh.