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no mountain. should this have been expected?

was awake for ridiculous hours despite having woken up at 2...now i have been tired again, and sleeping again, and having good but upsetting dreams. what's wrong with me? as i told my friend alison: "i woke up at 9 pm on sunday after having slept for 16 hrs, then, finding waking at 9 unacceptable i slept until 2am instead. then i stayed up until 8:30 am or so the next day, slept til 7pm tonight, woke, then i fell asleep at 10pm and slept for the past 2 and a half hrs"

on top of it all, all the sleeping has been filled with dreams like this. i dreamt i was in my studio hanging out with people, then liz came back to reed, and she wanted me to come hang out, but in the process of trying to say goodbye to people she disappeared, then i walked out of there directly into kerr 3 whence i walked into the bathroom and i was scolded for not knocking first...and i had to explain to the stupid girl that was there how things work around here and that it wasn't her bathroom. plus, there was an extra bathroom in the social room there, where random freshmen were all putting on costumes ala renn fayre thesis parade. so, a little pissed off and looking for liz i went outside and found out that the reason everyone was getting dressed up was to see some movie that someone's uncle made...that didn't make sense to me so i went off. noticing signs of foul play around(if i have this in the right order) i went to look and tried to sneak into some building that appeared to have been taken captive by some weird men in costumes. upon finding some metal bay doors pried open i climbed in and they caught me, but i don't remember what happened next.. they may have put a costume on me. after that things are unclear.

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