Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

i, well, uh...

I slept through all of sunday.

I went to bed on Sunday morning at around 5:15 am, and didn't wake up until 9ish...realizing this fact, I decided I shouldn't let myself wake at such an hour and made myself keep dreaming and fell asleep again...for an hour. And then and hour more, and so on until it was about 1:45 and I couldn't make myself sleep any longer, and got up and took a shower around 2. I was on my way over here to tell of such absurdity when I ran into my friends Brandon and Robin putzing around in the IRCs. After hanging out there for a while, I joined Robin at her apt for The Messenger, a movie about Joan of Arc. It was a bit long, but enjoyable. My favorite part however was Dustin Hoffman playing Jesus/Joan of Arc's vision realizing she was just crazy and selfish and delusional...what a wonderful role to play. : D Dustin Hoffman as the self-realization of insanity.

But, anyhow, now I'm here, gonna go get lunch(I suppose that's what it is) and then stay up for the rest of the day to try to reconcile my schedule again. Apparently last time I didn't HIT IT HARD ENOUGH!!@#$#%#$%%$#!

Also, after work, I plan on the Lutz again, with James in tow this time, for another episode of Joe Millionaire. Heh.

My friend Tonya is coming tomorrow so we can hit the slopes on Wednesday, so I can't make it to Dante's tonight, as I had planned. : (
Have extra fun for me.

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