Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

yay :) renn fayre is great so far, and nothing has even really happened :) everyone is happy and excited, the campus is fucking awesome looking...decorations went up last night and people were up til late building things...i was drawing on the walls of our dorm with chalk, that was fun...then i went and walked around campus last night and it is really fucking amazing. well, i still haven't gone to bed since i needed to get my physics done so i can be relaxed later, and i did most of it...i only have about 5 problems left and i have notes for all of those so it won't be that difficult, plus i pretty much understand this stuff. hrm, anyhow, have to read more for hum before it is time for lecture. heh, at hum lecture, the last one ever, there will be tequila shots...what a crazy place, this is fun :) people were just out in the quad yelling and then pre-mocking people who might complain people are trying to sleep heh...it would be a legitimate complaint, but their yelling wasn't That loud...:) ben is funny, he was one of them...wow, i'm really excited...i know this and my camera has been basically all i've been talking about for the past week or more but it looks as if i was not excited in vain :)

[plus--rumors of beck playing on saturday??? although there was talk of that early this year too, and i thought i heard it wasn't going to be allowed because it would mean outside security...but maybe...it might have gone through, i also heard today that other people said they were pretty sure something like this is happening...plus--strange blank spot in the schedule for events in the SU on saturday from about 8:30/9 till 11 hrm...he could play for an hour and a half easy...but i doubt that would be enough time...he could still play after that though...: / nahhh....]...well, time to get to work reading...

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