Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


10:55 PM
b00mb00mm00n: hi
Ryan Dunn: jg
b00mb00mm00n: ?
b00mb00mm00n: ok
Ryan Dunn: hi
b00mb00mm00n: tanya gave me your screenname
b00mb00mm00n: said id know you?
Ryan Dunn: sorry, my keyboard was messed up for a sec
Ryan Dunn: tanya?
b00mb00mm00n: yeah she said she knows you and that i would to?
Ryan Dunn: in seattle?
Ryan Dunn: wait
b00mb00mm00n: i guess?
Ryan Dunn: no
Ryan Dunn: heh
b00mb00mm00n: ??
Ryan Dunn: what's your name
b00mb00mm00n: Lenora
Ryan Dunn: eh...
Ryan Dunn: my name is ryan dunn. does that help?
Ryan Dunn: does that make you think you know who i am?
b00mb00mm00n: nope sorry hun
Ryan Dunn: um
The person is not currently online.

i just woke up a minute or two ago and then this happened.
for a second i thought it might be people thinking i'm the j@ckass guy, but now i'm wondering if this is someone from edgewise...that's the only tanya i know. super strange. i hope they come back so i can ask.

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