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Mon, Dec. 16th, 2002, 08:06 pm

theoretically also:

auto repair in spare time (?)
would want a walk in the park for a first date
has blue eyes
has exotic pets

ok, obviously i'm too bored, and i'm sure support at the new york times/versiontracker/paypal/ebay/sony/etc...and the president, hates me.

i wonder who the hell put that in there. :P

the only reason this is curious is they put in ryan.dunn@reed.edu, rather than holyloki @ reed.edu/holyloki @ liscentric.com (as it would show in an email from me) or Ryan.T.Dunn @ directory.reed.edu (as it would show through our in house email program, blitzmail). this means a reedie did it, and either they were doing what i was doing(looking at clues) and just putting in random names without thinking about it, or someone actually put my email in there on purpose.

red hair and blue eyes? exotic pets? auto repair?(heh)

i have too much urge for slack is the real problem.