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The Almighty (Outline)

1. The nature of the aesthetic experience.
A. How we relate to our senses.
B. Experience and the evocative.
C. The language of style.
D. The self made man.
2. Commanding art vs. the invitational.
A. The language of art.
B. Understanding and the expectation.
C. The mind and the critique.
D. The gift horse.
3. Interactivity and the creation of a complicit viewer.
A. Hidden information.
B. The transitory aesthetic.
C. Why the viewer doesn't matter.
D. Why the viewer matters.
E. What is the nature of the viewer?
4. Acceptance and the invitation to an aesthetic stance.
A. The destruction and rebirth of the complicit viewer.
B. Who's in charge here?
C. Art as the invention of aesthetics.
D. The generation of experience.
5. The problem of documentation.
A. Where's the art?
B. The necessary deception.
C. The insider.
D. The second glance.
E. Why I'm hiding from you.
6. Why see? (The fractal and the illusion of chaos in respect to Plato's cave).
A. The nature of the outsider.
B. Entrance to exit.
C. On the shedding of identity.
D. Reclamation of perspective.
E. How we sit, and how we stand.
7. The morality of communication.
A. A return to experience.
B. The Tree of Knowledge and Prometheus' gift.
C. The proper path.
D. Forgetting.
E. Forgetting and the search.
F. The challenge and the teacher.
G. Up the steps.
8. Creation and Destruction.
A. Playing God.
B. The introduction.
C. Escher's stairs.
D. Where we stand.
E. On being an artist.

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