Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

ha...i just watched fight club as well as danny...in fact, i watched it better! [smirk] : )...me and dannny are talking about our promises to marry people if we get old and are still alone now *L*...

holyloki (2:12 AM): ya and you tried to get me to promise that to you too :P
holyloki (2:13 AM): hehe
DigitlEdge (2:13 AM): but that time i ment it
holyloki (2:13 AM): you're a promise sl0r
DigitlEdge (2:13 AM): shush
DigitlEdge (2:15 AM): i have too many b/f's anyways
DigitlEdge (2:15 AM): so SKREW YU

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