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Ryan Dunn

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strange dreams

last night i dreamed something about a noodle and topping dispensary in some post apocalyptic tundra, and then being in a French class and getting kicked out for telling the teacher that i laughed when the girl who read exactly what the teacher asked her to, and yet was rebuked anyhow, got mad, because i'm in support of dissension.

the night before i dreamed I was pregnant and in an infirmary in ODB(Old Dorm Block) while Reed was being attacked by mutants or wildmen or something. and honestly, i don't remember that part as well because i was too worried about the whole being pregnant and about to give birth but without having a vagina thing...it seemed like it might be a problem but no one else seemed to be worried about it.


i'm totally not sure what to think about all that. the pregnancy was extremely strange, especially in the context of everything else, both real and dreamt.

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