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holyloki: this is ryan dunn...i wouldn't be sure who i'm talking to, but just a quick question to appease my curiousity. Mike Nowak(whom I just met here at Reed) gave me a bit of not quite certain information...did someone get married?
6:05 AM
millikan25: Yes Ryan, Jessica met the love of her life three years ago at UC Santa Cruz and they got married here this summer. Hope you are doing well... We have been friends with Mike Nowak and his family forever.
millikan25: All the best to you, Catrina
6:40 AM
holyloki: Wonderful, I am glad to hear Jessica and Justin are well and happy.

I had to write Jessica another email, instead of waiting for her to reply first, just to comment on this: ...I love that her mother still feels the need to try and slyly tell me I'm unwanted and that Jessica is involved with someone else, as if I was totally unaware of that, and even whom. For godsakes I did meet the man. Does she really think I call up because I'm still infatuated? Is it really impossible in her mind that I contact them as a friend? Then again, it's probably most amusing because from her I'm not totally surprised.

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