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Ryan Dunn: i'm trying to get an internship tonight
Ryan Dunn: but it won't pay : /
postmortal: good luck.
postmortal: paying is always a bonus.
Ryan Dunn: i may be making a big mistake, but i think it will be good resume/connection material
postmortal: I would imagine so. Internships are usually good like that.
Ryan Dunn: and i decided to participate in national novel writing month
postmortal: Nice.
Ryan Dunn: so i'm supposed to write 2000 words today
postmortal: damn
Ryan Dunn: heh
Ryan Dunn: yeah, i threw everything on myself at once
postmortal: just like usual.
postmortal: heh
postmortal: "I have a paper to write and it's due in a few hours." -Ryan
postmortal: *grin*
Ryan Dunn: so not to mention thesis and my other classes, i'm going to write a 50,000 word novel this month and get a part time job
Ryan Dunn: which doen't pay
Ryan Dunn: i doubt you're really quoting me but it'd be hard to prove ; )
postmortal: heh
Ryan Dunn: not to mention my other on campus jobs
2:25 PM
postmortal: jesus
Ryan Dunn: including my full time HA job
postmortal: You are a madman.
Ryan Dunn: yeah my sentiments exactly

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