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I just

found this in my email from this summer, and had forgotten about it. I wonder how many lost poems will emerge in our time(or rather after) when the famous writers' computers are scoured. It must be so much easier to lose these sorts of things in this sort of mess.

We begin following a path
when we realize it,
and elusive method
drives us to search for
a mathematical solution
to the future.
I gave numbers to my son.
Gave him letters,
words, equations,
patterns on patterns on
layers of increasingly
repetitious order manipulation.
I gave him solidarity,
unity, ethics, and love.
In the end, I took them all
and built a castle out of blocks,
knocked it down
when he had seen the end
and then set him loose.
It was then that he put
the block in his mouth
and tried to chew on it.

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