Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

ah, these always bring joy to my heart

Somebody replied to your LiveJournal post in which you said:

I really blew it. I proved my arseholishness again. Every stop on the tour we give away backstage passes...and I was supposed to meet with the winners in San Francisco on Wed at 6:30... but in all my holiness, *I* "wasn't ready for them" then... and had the nerve to ask them to come back at the beginning of BOWIE's set (...not to mention that by then I had bailed completely after making them all stand around for at least a total of an hour). What a fool I am...what hubris I show. I think maybe one of those people was the one flipping me off when I was playing with the video camera on stage...but I was quick with the wit, and I showed them!

...or did I?

Their reply was:


I know being 'famous' sucks, and you have people in your face all the time, but use that time to educate them, don't shove them...they're the next generation that will change anything and everything, and after reading some of your essays, I think you could be a mentor...you should probably sometimes use your fame more effectively....
p.s....When I come to NYC, can you show me to a good vegan restaurant?
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