Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Last Call

Liz and I are leaving at 6 tonight for Portland, and we'd like to see some of you we didn't have a chance to get in touch with. We're thinking around 4 for lunchishness. Leave comments, inquiries and whether you're interested, and when we get back from fishing we'll get in touch with you all. We'll eat somewhere in the U district, and if you're interested either leave your number here, call the cell phone I'm using(425-894-7993) or email me- holyloki@livejournal.com and give me a number where I can reach you.

Where we eat depends on you, so send some suggestions. If there are none, I think Red Robin should do, but if you object, come up with another idea for discussion. Everyone, please.
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