Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

must appreciate/copy

Ryan is saucy
Ryan is America's premier career coach
Ryan is not a Web Designer
Ryan is crazy for movies
Ryan is Eight Signee for Women's Basketball Team
"ryan is saucy
Ryan is crazy
Ryan is the governor who knew too little
Ryan Is Getting a Raise
Ryan is going to be a rich and famous programmer
Ryan is a paratrooper that has been dropped
somewhere behind enemy line
Ryan is the perennial girl next door
Ryan is in a coma in Southern California
Ryan is annoying
Ryan is to cable talk shows what Jay is to late night TV
Ryan is still cruising
Ryan is now available (Ed. note: no, he is not.)"
Ryan is the governor who knew too little
Ryan is gifted in the classroom and on the playing field
Ryan is Back.
Ryan Is Getting a Raise

(the quote is from another ryan who did this and it showed up in my search)

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