Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

an interesting finally

I read The Little Prince finally yesterday. It was on display in the resource room at the Mattress Factory because apparently James Turrell talks about it a lot. So, since I had never read it, I picked it up and spent a little while pouring through it.

What an amazing book! It was an interesting romp through the world of child psychology, relativity, and the nature of importance and beauty. It was a beautiful parable to guide children into wonder, and a tale on par with Candide!

Very nice, one of my new favorites.

Today, I've been reading articles on Turrell, and looking through books on other artists and whatnot, trying to find information for the papers I have to write. My "sketchbook" is coming along nicely and I have put down quite a few interesting new projects which hopefully will even be feasible.
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