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For the record...

It seems that now that I find myself undistracted, and a loose cannonball running around the country, I have found a place to become readdicted to livejournal. I think it's under the excuse heading of, "It will help me to become focused again." Hrrm...
Anyhow, unfortunately I don't have my camera, but there is a tenuously usable scanner sitting in front of me, which may be of use if I can secure a cheap or reusable camera. I am going to attempt to fulfill my new years resolution(or simply promise of sorts) which failed miserably once school started up again. In that spirit, I am now going to post to u, with some written word. w will have to plotted on before it can be accomplished.

Someone please yell at me and bash me over the head with something large and blunt in the case that I fail to fulfill these words.

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